Custom Design

Big Ideas done your way

Image by Riccardo Annandale

No idea is too wonderful!


I love doing unique projects! Seeing a whole thing come to life from start to finish. Depending on your project and needs Blue Fairy creates videos, booklets, flyers, images, and other custom design work done to your specifications.

Blue Fairy is backed by a small team of creatives who each have their own style and speciality. Mostly the work will be completed by me, Milly, but if you prefer an alternative style we also have assistance from other designers, so your project always comes out how you want it.

What you pay:
  1. Booklets and program guides - depending on the size and scale of a project I can set up templates for you to use yourself or we can work together to bring your masterpiece to life. Rates from $70 per hour but package options are available depending on the scale of the project.

  2. Other graphic work - $70 per hour - Let's get creative baby!