Content Creation

Your pictures, your team - your personality.


Videos & Images


Marketing campaigns are relying more and more on videos and images to reach wider audiences and get the engagement that really drives sales. Videos and images to accompany your marketing shouldn't have to cost the earth or take a hundred years to get made. Myself and my photography partners can get make you a huge range of custom images based on what you need, and make it look seriously sexy.

What you pay:​​
  1. Video intro/outros - $180 for your YouTube channel or workshop videos including design and content licensing across video and accompanying music. Want it added to existing videos? Totally can do, at $20 per video I can add intro/outro videos and fades to make it look slick. 

  2. Image sourcing package - $90 for a compiled collection of 30 - 60 free open-source or licensed images that reflect your message and branding.

  3. Image manipulation package - $180 for a compiled collection of 20-30 images that have your logo, colours and text overlay or manipulated from the original image to suit your needs for use in online marketing.

  4. Unique illustrations and icons? I got you boo. $200 for an icon pack and custom graphics set or $250 starting price for packages of custom illustrations - your unique identity is waiting.

  5. Want some product photography or a photoshoot of you and your workplace/team - I have partner photographers all over Australia ready to shoot like a loaded gun.

  6. Pay as you go - $70 per hour for copy and content production (video, images and text), and other support.