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Getting your small business rolling can be overwhelming as much as it is exciting. Figuring out which steps to take, who provides the best payment systems, where to buy your domain, how to get your registration going, marketing, business plan, ideal client avatars - it can all start to feel a bit like word salad and the anxiety can creep right up until you hit a full stall. I totally get it. 

Our comprehensive Business Kickstarter package is designed to hold your hand through the whole process of getting your business going. From the initial branding brainstorming, to making sure you've got dot's on all your 'i"s.

We are here to help guide you, support you and be with you when you need someone to freak out at, and make sure that your baby business is going to put it's best foot forward right from the start.

We got you, so you can do this.

What the package includes:
1. A brand new website

(or full redesign of an existing website), with up to two comprehensive website systems including (shop/events/bookings & services). If you want more cool stuff included on your site like payment plans, subscription options, membership areas, etc then we can do that too - we just add them on at $200 per extra bit.

2. Marketing Kickstarter Pack

Includes a marketing planning session, 12 months of marketing planning and content brainstorming, plus a weekly posting guide and the first month done for you, connection and set up of scheduling aps, design aps and template design for all the different types of posts you want to make so your brand stays consistent and you can do a month worth of marketing in a single day - and only spend one day a month doing your marketing going forward.

3. Logo design and branding

A logo that speaks to your audience and feels like you, so your brand represents who you are, what you do and makes you feel confident in your business and messaging. Branding is about making sure you know who you're speaking to and why. We help with brainstorming, business registration, socials set up and hashtag planning, and everything you need to make sure your brand is comprehensive, recognisable and easy to use.

Pricing breakdown:

Website: $1200

Marketing Kickstarter Package: $850

Branding & Logo Package: $900

Total package value: $2,950

With a 10% discount = 

You pay: $2655

That's a $295 discount!

Plus 10% off every additional inclusion!


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