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How I help:
Logos that make you smile
Branding that makes you happy to go to work and see it
Custom icons, patterns and graphics that really make your website or project come alive!
Template design on Canva and print design for your physical marketing.

Graphic Design & Branding

Getting what's inside your head and making it come alive.

Logos, branding, print design, illustrations, templates, you name it!

I am here for it!

My own personal special magic is being able to draw out what's in your head and draw it (or write it) into something that makes your heat sing and represent your business from your heart. Part of how I do this is through a live review process - I don't work at all from emailed comments. We sit together, talk it through, make changes during the call so I know exactly what you mean. It's fun, it's collaborative, it's all about your vision.

Simple brand pack - $900

1. Custom made logo matched to your business and market. Files include vector (SVG), JPEG, PNG, and ai/eps files provided with 2-4 variations (eg. colour, black / white, and up to two revisions.

2. Font and colour design for your brand aesthetic

3. Simple brand use guide

Comprehensive brand pack - $2500

1. Branding brainstorming and consultation on business avatars, brand direction and tone - basically making sure your brand says and does what you want it to do and that it sounds and feels like you. This usually involves a 2 hour brainstorm session.

2. Helping you name your brand, registering your business name at ASIC, helping source your domains.

3. Custom made logo matched to your business and market. Files include vector (SVG), JPEG, PNG, and ai/eps files provided with 2-4 variations (eg. colour, black / white, and up to three revisions. Includes brand matching or basic level branding (colour and fonts).

4. Includes basic branding usage guide outlining themes, fonts, colours targeted to your market and business message, image licensing.

5. Custom made contact icons and 4-8 simple unique decorative elements provided as SVG files matched to your logo and brand.

6. 1x double sided business card design and letterhead

7. Set of 7-10 canva templates for social media

8. 1x print design for flyer, banner, poster etc

9. Social media profile images and banners for facebook or other social media platform

Basically, everything you need for a fully fleshed out, gorgeous brand with a comprehensive package of usable elements.

Why get branding and not just a logo?

Branding is an essential component of any successful business.


A well-crafted brand will help to establish a distinct identity for your business, as well as create a lasting impression in the minds of potential customers.


A great brand will also help build customer loyalty and trust, as well as aid in creating a unique and memorable experience for your customers.

Your customers need nurturing on their journey as they get to know you and taking off the mental load by having a consistent and coherent brand is part of it, but it also shows your clients they can trust you, that you'll show up as the person they're expecting and have come to like well enough to spend money on you. 

Your brand consists of your logo, the tone of voice, the colours, the overall aesthetic, the fonts and how these things blend together. 

Your brand is what informs the site design, you cannot build an effective website without first having effective branding.

A logo is just a picture. A brand tells your story.

Illustration & graphic design starting from $600

Custom made illustrations with all the files you need plus the editable files if you need to make future changes.

Custom icons and mini graphics from $50

Stand out from the crowd with personalised graphics and icons 

Ready made logos from the studio from $100

Buy designs I've made already to get your business going on a budget without falling back on stock logos. - COMING SOON -

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