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Ongoing support & training


Your community awaits you.

You don't have to do it alone.


Membership to the Blue Fairy Gang:

Being part of the Blue Fairy family means a few pretty awesome things. You get ongoing regular support and training options, heaps of content, one on one support for when you need a bit of extra help with your website / marketing / business brainstorming, access to the network of incredible Blue Fairy clients who are all making waves in the world with their own special magic. It's a way for you to be grounded, connected and networked. To give your business a boost and help your own mental health. There are few things more isolating than running your own business, but it doesn't have to be that way. Your new business family awaits.

The why:

I am a solo business owner myself, and the reason I love my job is because I get to help amazing people reach the world to make it a better place. I had been running the business for a while before I realised that I had an incredible resource at my fingers - all of you! You lift me up, refer me to your friends, give me purpose and grow my passion. You're here for me and I wanted the opportunity to give that support back to you. It started with a facebook chat group that quickly grew to over 40 people. From there I took it to a group page that meant more people could engage more freely and get extra support. And now, in 2022 we're starting to organise and do it a bit more officially with weekly catch ups and strategy sessions, planning and brainstorming, educational sessions, and more. I can't wait to have you with us.

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Ad Hoc Support Options:

Just need a little bit of support or a one off session? I offer ad hoc support to new and existing clients to get done what you need on the spot. You can choose either a 30 minute, 60 minute, 1 hour 45 minute or 3 hour session.

  • Perfect for when you need something set up or sorted out

  • Guided zoom consultation where we work through whatever design issues or website support you need.

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Package Support Options:

All the following plan options come with handbooks, templates, guides, and additional premium resources that will be available in the members file sharing and program options sections. All members also are invited to participate in the Facebook private group. Some peer support groups will be curated specifically to support your industry and skills so that you can have a smaller cohesive cohort to really have your back. Local members will also be given the opportunity to meet in person but predominantly all meetings and one on one catch ups will be provided via zoom. You can manage your bookings, inclusions and subscriptions from your logged-in member page.

On-Track Plan $53 per month:
  • Weekly On-Track group support sessions

  • We will cover goals, marketing, planning and more.

  • Attendees will get worksheets and practical support.

  • 5% discount on all workshops (sent via coupon)

Keep It Up! Pack $93 per month:
  • Weekly group On-Track meetings (valued at $20 per class)

  • Monthly one-on-one catch ups (valued at $70 per meeting)

  • 10% discounts off all workshops (sent via coupon code)

Power Planner Pack $193 per month:
  • Weekly group On-Track meetings (valued at $20 per meeting)

  • Monthly one-on-one catch ups (valued at $115 per session)

  • Quarterly planning for marketing & content (valued at $200)

  • 10% discount off all workshops (sent via coupon code)

Annual Goal Smasher $2300 per year:
  • Weekly group On-Track support meetings

  • One-on-one catch ups whenever you need it

  • Quarterly planning sessions

  • 10% discount of all workshops (sent via coupon)