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Based in Newcastle, NSW, Australia. Serving the world online. Consultations are available in person and online via zoom.

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Hi, I'm Milly, also known as the Blue Fairy. 

I like working in person or on the phone so I get a real sense of who you are, what your message is and what your brand represents so when I do work for you it really is personalised and matched to who you are.

I have this weird habit wherein I start new businesses like I have a nervous tic, and what I have learned inside out is - how to get up and running at the lowest possible price point with the most effective results. My current passion (and my first business that isn't location-specific) is Blue Fairy.


With this business, I am utilising all the skills I've learned in my degrees (Bachelor Arts with majors in English and Philosophy, Bachelor Art Theory with majors in Art Management and Art History), my further study (Certificate of Digital Marketing through Fasttrack Business, and my experience setting up and running my own businesses all rolled into one uniquely comprehensive service for startups and small businesses. 


This means that you get quality personalised service, backed by knowledge and experience, and receive an end result that really works to capture your audience and bring in your clients.

I also employ and contract other talented Marketers, Graphic Designers, Writers and Multimedia Specialists, under the umbrella of Blue Fairy, which means there's never a problem we can't solve.

Get in touch to discuss your project in more detail and organise a time to come in to meet in person, or meet at a coffee shop for a no-obligation chat (the coffee is on me!)

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The Full Story
(if you feel like a deep dive)

I always do to much, but you know what they say about getting things done - ask a busy person with an exceptional Second In Command (shout out to my awesome staff who make sure I'm fed!). I currently run two concurrent businesses. One is a gallery, SenOpsis, the focus of which is providing opportunity and space for emerging artists and members of my community to express, engage and make friends. Plus, it provides a beautiful backdrop for the office of my primary business, Blue Fairy, a design and marketing business that specialises in small business design and marketing.

I was worrying to a client recently about the fact I have no formal design training and she said to me, "Babe, you've got a degree in Art Theory (including fine art practice), AND a marketing background at the executive level across the Asia Pacific, AND you've successfully started grown and run multiple businesses. If anyone can do this, you can do this." So, I've taken that message to heart and am stepping into my boss-bitch-boots a little more.

In my previous careers, I was an industry award-winning Business Development, Sales and Marketing professional with industry experience in Higher Education Publishing (textbooks and large-scale academic databases, yes I read as much of them as I could, which was many) and a curator at pop-up to medium-sized galleries across sydney.

As a First Class English Honours graduate, I completed university in 2011 with a distinction average across both Art Theory and Arts degrees (take that Dad, they're useful after all!) and was awarded the Dean’s Prize for Academic Excellence. My finely-honed research skills have engendered a creative and analytical approach to problem-solving, and my focus on creative expression and philosophy in my degrees means I'm very good at figuring out what people are trying to say and saying it for them better.

I am versatile, resilient, dynamic and goal-focused with a variety of experience in B to B and B to C sales, marketing, events, training and workshops, customer service, management and social entrepreneurship.

I have a strong passion for community engagement and responsibility. Throughout my careers, I have maintained my commitment to my volunteer positions and furthering my growth through continued study. I believe the world can be changed through our commitment to the people around us as well as those outside our immediate networks. If we think global, act local, and are committed to increasing the opportunities for kindness then every day we will improve our world.