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Hi, I'm Milly, owner and founder of Blue Fairy. 

I like working in person or on the phone so I get a real sense of who you are, what your message is and what your brand represents so when I do work for you it really is personalised and matched to who you are.

I have this weird habit wherein I start new businesses like I have a nervous tic, and what I have learned inside out is - how to get up and running at the lowest possible price point with the most effective results. My current passion and my first business that isn't location-specific is Blue Fairy. With this business, I am utilising all the skills I've learned in my degrees, my further study, and my experience setting up and running businesses so that you get quality personalised service and an end result that really works to capture your audience and bring in your clients.

Get in touch to discuss your project in more detail and get a quote or organise a time to meet and talk in person. I'll even buy the coffee if we meet in person for a no-obligation chat.

See you soon!



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