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My Services

I can help with all sorts of things, from branding and what your business looks like, to building you a fandangled new website, flyer design, marketing templates and custom illustrations - basically all things design, marketing and getting your business online and flying.

It's hard to explain, but my special skill is drawing out your voice and vision and turning it into words and images that really feel like you.



I am a Wix expert and massive Wix fan. As a legend level Wix partner I have over a decade of experience in the platform designing websites for all kinds of business with a range of complex functionality.


Options include:
  • Basic brochure sites

  • eCommerce and other functional websites

  • Complex and dynamic sites that promote unique user interactions

  • Automations and backend systems to make your life easy

  • Platform training & as much support as you need

  • Little tidy ups and quick once overs before you launch a site you've made yourself.


Unique characters, mascots, pattern design or any other illustrative needs you might have to make your business branding and website design really shine. 

Options include:
  • Individual characters

  • Story telling

  • Decorative site elements

  • Custom icons and image pieces you can use as part of your other marketing efforts

  • Animations and little videos you can use in your website or in your marketing

Logos & Branding


A brand is about much more than just the logo image you use. It's about all the ways and places that your customers see your business and how you want them to feel, and engage with what you do.


Options include:
  • Logo design

  • Social media profiles

  • Social media templates

  • Business cards & flyers

  • Patterns and decorative elements

  • Font customisation

  • Determining your overall aesthetic.

Marketing & Business Support


Look, I'm not going to do it for you. If you want someone to run your marketing it's not me (I can recommend people though). But if you want guidance with planning, set up and training in how to do it yourself, I'm here for you.


Options include:
  • training in how to write blogs

  • marketing planning

  • template set up

  • social set up and connections

  • google my business & analytics set up and training

  • pricing and administrative planning and set up

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Additional Options

If you're not sure what you need:

I can help you nut out what you're doing, where you're going and how to get there. This is a collaborative process and I'm on your team. I've got a really weird and varied skill set and breadth of experience that is all at your disposal.

Ad hoc or one off support:

Don't need the full shebang? If you've done a lot of the work already and set up your own site and branding but need a bit of help fine tuning or setting up something outside your comfort zone, or even just want someone to help you learn how to do it then I have options for you too! My pay-as-you-go support can be booked whenever you need for whatever website or design needs you might have.

Who I recommend

We can't all specialise in everything. So I've collated a list of trusted creatives and other specialists who you might want to check out. These are people I've worked with on other projects, outsourced to, or who do things I can't that you might need done.

For photography >
For print design >
For other website platforms >
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