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This is the ultimate annual marketing guide. No frills so you can print it easily or fill it in directly onto the document. This complete all-in-one workbook guides you through a year's worth of content based organic marketing, with step by step fillable worksheets so you can create as you learn.


Contents include:

Who you’re talking to.

Your Ideal Clients

Getting to know them

Ideal Client Avatars

What you’re saying.

Your Hero Story

Crafting Your Content

What even are Hashtags

Blog writing 101

Annual Blog Topic Planner

Monthly breakdown (Step 1)

Blog writing by numbers (Step 2)

Pulling it all together (Step 3)

How you’re saying it.

Maximising Content

Trade tools

7 Day Topic Rotation System

Monthly Planning

Topic 1-7 Breakdown and Planner

Making it pretty

Why you’re saying it

Annual Marketing Planner

Sales Tax Included
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