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I have this problem where I start businesses like I have a nervous tick. I started running my own businesses while I was at uni and over the last 15 years I have learned (mostly the hard way) how to get ready for a successful launch. This practical planner isn't wishy washy vague motivational paragraphs. It is hands on, no-nonsense fillable worksheets and information that is essential for any business starting up. 


I use this information and training with most of my start-up clients. It is an essential part of the process of launching and building your dream biz.


It includes:

Business Overview

Core Concept

Business Name Brainstormer

Build your brand checklist

SWOT analysis

Your Value Proposition

Your Client Overview and Planner

Ideal Client Avatar Planning

Industry Research Templates

Product and Service Research Templates

Your Starter Checklist

The Startup Business Planner

Excluding Sales Tax
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